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Our Mission

Telemedicine gives patients and corporations the tools to manage their health, extends services to neglected rural areas and enables specialists to intervene in real time.

We have developed our diagnostic systems with the objective of providing corporations and Human Resources departments with a premeditated solution to the exorbitant costs of staff sickness absence.

Now Healthcare Group is looking to raise growth capital to extend our sales and marketing strategies as we approach the critical cold and flu season in autumn. We are also looking to fund working capital requirements with satellite pharmaceutical operations bolted on in large urban areas.


Our History

Founded in Liverpool in 2014, Now Healthcare Group has rapidly grown into one of the most dynamic healthcare organisations in the UK.

Now Healthcare Group has been established with both technology and medical knowledge in mind.

Our team has substantial experience across several fields including medical, pharmaceutical, business management and IT, with experts combining their knowledge to provide users with an efficient and practical solution to their primary healthcare needs.