Dr Now

Now Healthcare Group’s diagnostic and pharmaceutical conveyance platform, Dr Now, is the global leader in providing patients with cloud-based medical consultations with MRCGP-certified professionals via AES-256 encrypted VoIP communications.

The Dr Now operational system has been entirely designed, developed and maintained natively by the Now Healthcare Group operations team in PHP, Laravel and Linux.

The platform has used simulation tools to define core markets and identify specific areas of unmet medical needs, with the production environment presently comprising of native developed systems in both iOS and Android.

Our platform aims to rework the current consultation and diagnostic processes used in the healthcare industry to bring efficacious primary care solutions to the public and businesses in a more accessible manner, saving patients time and decreasing the unnecessary expenditure of corporations subjected to lost earnings from employee sickness absence.

How can we help?

  • Clinical advice
  • Private prescriptions with the option for next day delivery or Click and Collect
  • Referral Letters to a Specialist Consultant
  • Sickness Notes

What we cannot help with?

  • Physical examinations and treatment (Although the video consultation facility does allow a GP to view any physical symptoms)
  • Emergency treatment e.g. chest pains, severe bleeding, suspected stroke or bone fracture
  • Alternative therapies, lifestyle surgeries or oral surgery
  • Repeat Prescriptions
  • Vaccinations


Visit the Dr Now website for further information