Now Pharmacy

The Now Pharmacy distribution hubs have been established to successfully meet the medical procurement demands of the nation and its ‘on-the-go’ society.

Working in conjunction with the innovative Dr Now medical diagnostic platform, Now Pharmacy is the pharmaceutical provision branch of Now Healthcare Group, supplying the United Kingdom with privately-issued medications via our specialist pharmaceutical transportation and dispatch service.

Our regional and national city centre-based pharmacy hubs guarantee the overnight consigning of medicines on a nationwide scale, with those in central London eligible to receive their orders within 1-4 hours of VoIP-based diagnosis from the Dr Now digital platform.

Now Pharmacy has also received approval from NHS England to handle NHS prescriptions using the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. Patients are able to register with the pharmacy to have their NHS medicines delivered gratuitously, receiving a text, email or phone call when their prescription is due.

The distribution centres have additionally been tasked by Now Healthcare Group to provide a range of self-testing apparatus, providing companies with the opportunity to screen staff members whilst simultaneously granting accessibility to the public to permit them to conduct confidential and personal genetic tests. At the present juncture, these include tests such as venous tests, STI screenings, hormonal checks and tumour markers.

To find out more, visit the Now Pharmacy website.