The $9.6tr global healthcare market is receptive to innovations that can supplement or replace traditional person-to-person clinical interaction to accommodate the consumer anywhere.

The provisions offered through Now Healthcare Group’s proprietary software solution and medical procurement and dispatch centres can offer your corporation the effective primary healthcare coverage that you need, as a stand-alone option or to enhance an existing private healthcare arrangement.



Now Healthcare Group offers consequential and rewarding partnership opportunities for businesses.

Whether you’re looking to combat employee sickness and reduce the cost of staff absence or take the required steps to ensure your offices are a healthy and happy place to work, Now Healthcare Group and its platforms can supply you with the effective solutions needed to manage your company’s medical care at an affordable cost.

These include unlimited instant GP consultations for staff, generous business rates, sickness and management reports and feedback on sickness prevention.

We are currently targeting corporations to make our platforms available in the workplace. Initially, Now Healthcare Group is looking to provide businesses with clear of evidence of the direct correlation between our services and reduced absenteeism.

The 2013 CIPD survey reports that the average annual cost of sickness absence per employee in the UK is £595 – representing an average annual loss of 7.6 working days per employee, with a total of 131 million days lost to sickness in 2013.

Now Healthcare Group intends to target corporate occupational health decision makers both directly and via intermediaries who we identify as in acute need of medical innovation.

Our pharmaceutical services and cloud-based consultation solutions will enable organisations to harness state of the art capacity utilisation models and algorithms to give them national scale advantages at a micro level.

In the Press

  • “Telemedicine apps do more than just save you a trip to your general practitioner–they’re also a convenient way for frequent fliers to deal with travel sickness. Customers can also use Dr. Now to consult with a doctor during a flight, so long as they are able to connect to WiFi.

    “According to Dentith, a passenger recently used the Dr. Now app to connect with a doctor on a flight from London to Dubai–the first time the app was used on a flight, according to Dr. Now–and was able to get medicine delivered to his hotel by the time his plane landed.”

    Anna Hensel

  • “With the NHS under growing strain, the Liverpool-based startup, called Dr Now, is targeting its new mobile app at tech-savvy people who do not want to wait for an appointment with a GP, as well as businesses looking to save sickness-related costs.”

    “The vast majority (90%) of GP diagnoses do not rely on a physical examination, Neophytou claims, making video consultations possible – and far more convenient than a trip to your local GP practice.”

    Julia Kollewe

  • “Dr Now has been created by doctors to plug the gap in care left by an overstretched NHS. Even in the aftermath of a general election that saw all main parties pledging billions in extra funding, the app’s creation is another sign that few believe a lasting solution is imminent.”

    “Dr Now is targeting the portion of the population that have to have time off work to attend doctor’s appointments. It points to a Citizens Advice report in 2014 that said those aged between 18 and 34 were more than twice as likely to attend A&E or walk-in centres as those aged over 55.”

    Liat Clark